A Case For Diversity

Why has Diversity become such a buzzword? Why is diversity so important? Perhaps because homogeny isn’t just boring, it’s terrifying!

Some of the scariest moments from motion pictures feature homogeny as a terror tool. The Stepford Wives is a good example, or pick any of a number of zombie movies where identical hordes of zombies invade. Cloning also has been used to strike fear. Worst of all, Hitler’s real life nightmare of creating the “Master Race.”

There is an adage in business that says: “When All Things Become The Same, The Whole Group Becomes Vulnerable.”

Nature understands the value of diversity. There is no arguing that bio diversity is necessary for our very survival.

Diversity makes everything stronger, more interesting, richer.

Take for example the humble banana. You like bananas right? Who doesn’t? Well, the Cavendish banana, the yellow beauty you see in grocery stores is in danger of going the way of the Passenger Pigeon. Yep, since bananas are not propagated from seeds, but instead from identical clone plants called “pups,” there is no way to reverse the swath of disease spreading across banana plantations around the world. Banana diversity would save them.

The diversity of wine and wine growing regions in California has turned wine making into a $34 billion industry! Vive Le Difference!

To maybe help illustrate the value of diversity, look around you at all of the wonderful things in just your area. Power plants, art museums, gardens, cell towers, hospitals and airports. It takes a diverse group to make all of this work. The most skilled surgeon likely couldn’t pilot the helicopter carrying his patient. The chef making your amazing dinner probably wouldn’t be much help in the event a cellular relay station malfunctioned. The diversity of interests and hobbies and jobs helps make our society what it is. A bulldozer operator may be a talented artist!

Much discussion has been made about gender diversity. This is the latest issue to be making the news. For far too long we have grown comfortable with the binary man/woman. We are learning that reality is far closer to a sliding scale than 2 sides of a coin. Some find that unsettling, while some find it difficult to comprehend, others find it exhilarating!

The diversity of people and opinion helps shape a fairer society. Everyone deserves to have a voice.