The Diversity Foundation of San Francisco exists to combat the discrimination and prejudice against all sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses, religions, ethnicities, and ages, by dissemination of the results of scientific research.

dep_30762017-gay-loveCurrently, the Diversity Foundation of San Francisco is focusing on combating the social and cultural perceptions of sexual orientation as a “choice.” Persons of sexual orientation differing from the predominant heterosexual orientation are often the targets of discrimination, based on the belief that their orientation is a perverse “choice,” a type of deviant sexual activity, and is not an innate characteristic. There is an increasing body of knowledge about all types of variations of genetics, sexual and developmental differences, growth, and social interaction in the plant and animal kingdoms, which embody all living species on Earth.

The Diversity Foundation of San Francisco will compile and evaluate this data – clarifying it, verifying it, and preparing public reports on the collected data from scientific, religious, political, and social perspectives. We hope that dissemination of this information will lead to a reduction in, and ultimately, a complete elimination of, prejudicial behavior directed towards sexual orientations that differ from the predominant sexual orientation of heterosexuality.

This information will also enable persons with such orientations to better understand themselves and their sexuality. Apart from its usefulness in combating discrimination and low self-image, this information is of great scientific interest and should be useful to researchers in human evolution, human development, sociology, psychology, political science, and all other social sciences.

In order to achieve its goals, The Diversity Foundation of San Francisco will develop a database of the ever-increasing information on the origins of sexual diversity. It will use this database to prepare written reports, lectures, presentations, as well as other forms of media such as filmed interviews, discussions, and lectures. These lectures and presentations will be presented at various conferences and discussions to enrich and expand upon the topic of sexual diversity and its origins and nature. Whenever possible, all reports, lectures, presentations, etc, will be available to the public on this website, and will be presented in full, intact and unchanged.

The initial project to be undertaken by The Diversity Foundation of San Francisco will be to conduct research and to compile existing research on the neurobiological basis of sexual orientation as evidenced by advanced brain imaging techniques. We hope that you will join us in our quest for equality!

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