Tom Daley

Born Gay?

Recently, 19-year-old British Olympic diver Tom Daley revealed he is in a relationship with a man. ….And?  He certainly isn’t the first, nor will he be the last to do so. Daley won an Olympic bronze medal at the London Summer games and hopes to improve on that for Great Britain in Rio in 2016. […]

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Christmas Lights San Francisco Style

Celebrating the Season in The City The Norfolk Island Pine – native to a small island in the South Pacific, are often sold in small pots and decorated as little Christmas trees because of their beautiful naturally symmetrical shape. Tom Taylor and Jerry Goldstein brought such a tree 40 years ago to their home on […]

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A Case For Diversity

Why has Diversity become such a buzzword? Why is diversity so important? Perhaps because homogeny isn’t just boring, it’s terrifying! Some of the scariest moments from motion pictures feature homogeny as a terror tool. The Stepford Wives is a good example, or pick any of a number of zombie movies where identical hordes of zombies […]

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Bullying—It’s Not New

Bullying has literally been around longer than we have. Our ancestral primates were very good at it. This point is made to illustrate just how pervasive the phenomenon and also how difficult it will be to curtail. Bullying isn’t “kids being kids” it’s a disparity of force. This can be physical or social, used to […]

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